Three Sixty Surveys Ltd provide a comprehensive range of professional surveying services throughout Ireland using the latest technology to produce well presented, accurate and detailed drawings to clearly reflect and represent the features surveyed.

Our Services

  • Topographical Surveys - True to scale plans of natural and man-made features in any given area with height & coordinate information.
  • Building Surveys - Fully controlled floor plans, elevations and sections can be produced at any scale.
  • Setting Out - Using Infra Red Measuring Systems provides superb accuracy right down to the millimeter.
  • As-Built Surveys - Examples include as-built surveys for record drawings, e.g. schools, petrol stations etc., and as-built plans for land registry purposes etc..;
  • Area Surveys - For requirements such as conveyance, adoption purposes, land registry site investigation & agriculture
  • 2D or 3D Surveys - Survey complex structures with a maximum level of detail accurately.
  • Underground Service Tracing - Using Ground Penetrating Radar (G.P.R)
  • Confined Space Surveys - We are able to undertake inspections of underground assets, including sewers and culverts.
  • Impermeable Area Surveys (I.A.S) - Impermeable area surveys of a full area or a sample of that area, with the production of coloured plans to the clients specification.
  • As-Built Manhole Surveys - As built X,Y,Z position of manholes, grade calculations, invert levels, pipe details & chamber type.
  • River Surveys - This type of survey work involves surveying open channel-sections across the water course, structure crosssections, and flood plain topographical surveys as required. Survey data can be provided in many formats, including AutoCAD DWG, ISIS and HEC-RAS which are standard software packages used by hydraulic engineers.
  • Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's) - Required by law when marketing any property for Sale (or Rent) to give any potential buyers (Tenants) the opportunity to have a look at how energy efficient your property is and how this could be improved and how much money this could save. All our EPCˇ¦s are valid for 10years and we can provide further related services if required.
  • On Construction Energy Performance Certificates (OCEPC's) Design and As Built Energy Assessments (SAP Calculations) ˇV Required for residential developments for building regulation compliance also required at the point of marketing any property. We can provide predicative EPCˇ¦s to assisting in marketing off-plan giving any potential buyers (Tenants) the opportunity o have a look at how energy efficient the property will be. All our OCEPCˇ¦s are valid for 10years.
  • Discharge Consent - We can prepare, submit and manage applications under the Water (NI) order 1999. Required for all domestic and non domestic properties not connected to the public sewer and where it is proposed that discharge will go to a waterway or underground stratum. Traditionally flagged at the point of sale if not if not on the NI Environment Agent Register.
  • Car Parking Surveys - To investigate the existing capacity, the car parking requirements of new development and accompany full planning applications.
  • Traffic Impact Assessment - To investigate and access the potential impacts of a proposed development and prepare a plan to mitigate any adverse consequences of the proposed development on traffic and accompany full planning applications. If we can assist or be of service, or if there is anything you would like us to deal with which is not mentioned above, please feel free to contact us.